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Sun, Sep 20


Private Film Studio


The Call Out brings the Black Community together to tackle ignored or taboo topics in Black culture. Each episode brings new featured guests from local communities. The narratives told are cherished, their opinions are valued, and their perspectives are heard. Special topic: BLACK MENTAL HEALTH.

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Time & Location

Sep 20, 2020, 12:00 p.m.

Private Film Studio, Toronto, ON, Canada

About the event

The current lack of a safe space for our people to be vulnerable, our men in particular, has affected our community immensely. The unresolved trauma that our people deal with from historical and generational dysfunction has found it's way into our workplaces, our schools, our homes, our relationships and our neighbourhoods. The blow-back of this plight has created devastating effects on our society. It creates a cycle of unrest which continues to spread in our streets, causing widespread social dysfunction in every sector.

TVOC Network launched The Call Out, a docuseries program, as a solution to this crisis.

At The Call Out, we emphasize the power of utilizing authenticity to achieve vulnerability.

During film segments, we teach our participants to emulate leadership in our community and lead with authenticity. We strategically guide participants through culturally-competent frames to return to their original functions of being cornerstones within our communities. We process the realities of their lives while tearing down the stigma around vulnerability to promote communication within their environments; this enables an atmosphere of shared growth between our men, women, & children. The whole community gets to reap the benefit by framing learning opportunity as entertainment, and allowing viewers to watch the process unfold.

Program participants who volunteer and demonstrate exemplary success in their progress may qualify to be honoured as designated hosts for future programs and events. In this way, social responsibility is evoked,  with the goal of causing a domino effect, designed to uplift the entire family and community at-large. To sign up as a program participant, click here or visit

The Call Out - 4th Edition special topic: #BlackMentalHealth

What are the realities of mental health-ing, while Black? How has COVID19 impacted that? What are the intersections of mental health within our community? Our guests will examine topics such as how parenting, culture, school, the streets, abuse, addiction and religion have all impacted mental health in the Black community, and how to rise above life's adversities.

During the series, we will hear perspectives of community members, academics, essential workers, families of those who affected, friends, and of course... the people experiencing adversity themselves. Those who know nothing about the special topics are welcomed to learn. The Call Out is open to all in our community. No dress code or additional preparation is necessary - come as you are, and bring your most authentic self. Your authentic voice will not be politically corrected or translated. 

Interested in watching online as the conversation goes live? 

Get a virtual audience ticket to watch the show from a behind the scenes look! 

100% of ticket proceeds go towards supporting virtual programming for future episodes 


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    Youth - Virtual Ticket. Ages 12 - 17. ID required. Failure to provide ID will result in ticket termination. No refunds or exchanges.

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