TVOC Network is more than just a business- we are quite literally a community. 


We support each other, encourage each other, and uplift each other in the way that a family should. What makes our community special is the culture, authenticity, and passion behind what we do. Our volunteers are truly the pulse behind TVOC, and for that, all of our members should be proud. Thank you to everyone on our internal team and to the individuals and organizations that support us. 

You are the ones that make this network real.

We are in this together, and above all, we move.

With love,




The Voice of Community (TVOC) is a grassroots community network.

We are a collaborative coalition of individuals, community organizations, local businesses, and professional associations. We  came together as a collective for one purpose: helping our community.



TVOC network started in April 2019 with just one, and since then, we have grown exponentially. Originating in Toronto, Canada, our team is now working on expansion into the United States of America and the Caribbean. As our community grows, we project expansion into all continents by 2025.


Wherever our community is, we have the responsibility to go.


We acknowledge there is an issue with the way our community interacts with each other. This issue comes from the generational trauma of Black social history. The Black community, being so resilient in survival mode, became convinced there is no room to be vulnerable with each other. This lack of vulnerability leaves no room for authentic voices to shine through, thus creating a breakdown in the communication and relationships of our people.

This has lead to devastating societal impacts.

In March of 2019, the passing of a cherished global community member served as a catalyst to realizing the value of community.​ The birth of two organizations occurred resulting in the creation of TVOC Network. These organizations, a non-profit & corporation respectively, came together to serve one common goal: the restoration of our community and the voices within it.

In doing so, a domino effect begun to create a network of individuals coming together to form a collective coalition.

Image by Beth Tate



1: Identify the challenges. TVOC identifies hindrances that act as obstacles to growth to our community. We hear directly from community members through research conducted via integrated social platforms. We are committed to doing our due diligence in capturing the voices within our community and outlining the true needs of our people.

2: Be the plug. We act as referral agency to compliment our neighbouring community organizations that are currently active within our regions. We connect individuals to employers, finance specialists, real estate agents, mental health professionals, small businesses, and more! We do not aim to compete, but to collaborate with those helping our community. 


3: Recognize the gaps. We acknowledge that gaps in service exist, and we take purposeful steps to draw awareness to the needs of our community. We place emphasis on issues related to the advancement of education for our community and the relief of poverty.  


TVOC foundation conducts qualitative research about the experiences of Black people. The foundation also offers programs and provides strategic financial support. 


The Voice of Community Inc. and The Voice of Community Foundation jointly commit to uplifting and unifying the Black community by serving, empowering, networking, and providing a platform to those in our community through collaboration. 


In line with our values, the priority is to ensure the narratives within our community are heard.


Authenticity - Collaboration - Responsibility

Leadership - Unity - Healing - Integrity